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Yeah I know it is a little off the normal topic, but I figured some out there might like to see it.

For the better part of last year another CZ Nut and myself have been trying to buy a Cz pistol collection. Well it finally came home here last weekend. Since the other CZ nut took delivery he has most of the pieces. I did make a run down south to see them and take my first pick from the collection. Since I am a more Czech collector then just the Cz-27 I chose this piece. It is a Post war Czech Police Cz-27. In all the data I have collected on the Cz-27 I have never found a NB marked pistol prior to the Cz-50 series of NB-50, NB-51 and NB-52 marked pistols. Hopefully Jan Balcar will comment on the markings. In this collection there two of these NB marked pistols. One is 45 dated and one is 46 dated. Both serial numbers fall in the correct range for 45 and 46 vintage pistols. Another odd question is that I had thought that NB was a Communist police and not formed until after the communist takeover of Czechoslvakia. So I am curious what Jan will tell us.

Here are few photos of the NB lion 45

Download Attachment: nblion45rs.jpg

Download Attachment: nblion45ls.jpg

Download Attachment: nblion45cu.jpg

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

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