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I bought this mainly due to the lack of Import/Export stamps.And because of the markings. It's stamped "HAMBURG", heavily, on the right, behind trigger bow. And "VANDREY", more delicately, on the opposite side.It's stamped with Eagle/N in three places. One over stamped by the H in HAMBURG, one on the chamber,and one beneath "CARL" on the left. Does anyone have a clue as to the origin or purpose of these marks?

Thanks! Ron

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Vandrey was a gun dealer in Hamburg. There are severeal ads of F. W. Vandrey & Co, Hamburg in German hunting magazine "Deutsche Jagd" of 1939/40. shown here is one in the issue of November 10, 1939, saying

"We buy Pistols"

I am not sure, but feel to remember they continued business after the war.


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