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Hi gents
Following my first pic the week ago, this is the PPK and FN 1922 with their holsters than I pick up today from an ex-French SAS soldier.

the PPK come with serial number 774398 and the holster have a D.R.G.M stamp and a stamp with 2 rifles and A.K (difficult to read)

the FN one come with a strange (ex PP ?) holster with no stamps at all. the serial number is 20104 + a letter I can't describe (a or b).the gun have some few eagles + WaA140 and two magazines with FN stamps

Download Attachment: mini-107_0792.JPG

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the guns was in Britanny for 60 years
For your pleasure Gents
I am ready for questions and more pics and details

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I have a holster almost identical to the one with your PP. The only difference is that the top flap is separate from the rest of the back (stitched together).
Mine came with FN Browning 1922 SN 51171a WaA140. The holster is stamped DLU 194? WaA641 on the back. I've been told it's an arsenal cut down P-08 holster made by Ewald Lüneschloss Company in Solingen.
The holster for your FN appears to be the same, except for the reversed leather latch.
Thought I'd never see another oddball holster like this, so maybe it isn't so oddball after all.

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At last, here are the photos. The magazine pouch has a piece of green and white cloth at the bottom to keep the .32 mags. from falling in. The stamps are on the back between the belt loops. Actually, the D is under the left loop.
P-08s and P-38s will not fit - the holster as cut down is too short.
The M1922 rocks fore and aft in the holster. If I had to carry it, I'd take a few stitches in the leather at the trigger guard to prevent this.
Herve - I saw a photo of a holster just like yours, with the leather latch upside down - the one with your M1922. That holster was stamped 1918, and was said to have been made for secondary pistols such as the Walther M4 and Behollas.

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