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I have posted pictures of this PPK rig (PPK, holster and capture declaration) on a previous occassion. I have owned this rig for a couple of years but I just recently was taking a good look at it. The holster is different from other PPK holsters I own. This model of holster is a full body enclosure design with NO sideflap. I was looking through some old issues of Auto Mag and found a mention of this Hofmann model/type of holster by a Mr. John Pearson. I made a copy of the page #61 but I forgot to write down the issue. Anyway, he mentions or remarks that Whittington in Volume III on page 126 shows this "Hofmann" design/model holster. Sure enough on page no. 126 of volume three is my holster type. My holster is not marked with respect to maker or dated anywhere inside or out that I can see. There is the name LANE inked inside the upper left of the holster flap (see photo). The holster color is a brown, is in excellent condition and certainly shows very high quality of craftsmanship. Anyone else have a so called "Hofmann" type holster or know anything about this particular design? There is in the same Whittington volume III on page 98 a softshell full body enclosure type holster for a PP under the "Akah" trademark. Thanks, Lloyd in Vegas where cool weather this time of year means the low 90s!
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