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PPK - Party Leader Grips - Serial Numbers

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I have one PPK with party leader grips # 220723K that seems to fall pretty much in the correct serial number range. It is in about 95% condition.

I am considering another PL gripped gun # 246399K that is in about 99% condition.

Both are 7.65 mm.

The second seems to be in the correct range according to Jan's book but, some of the other authors (Rankin) put it out of the range.

I know these are tricky since the grips can be moved around on different guns, but I was hoping I could get comments.

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Generally speaking, one finds original issued party gripped guns in the 170,000 to 250,000 range.


Mr. Rankin shows:
851879, 896362, 933544 RZM, 174498K RZM, 179551K, 185091K, 217324K, 217328K, 220389K RZM, 234962 RZM

Mr. Whittington shows (which seems very broad in range):
PL RZM - 803000-1000000
PL Grip - 806000-100000
PL RZM - 1000000-10070000
PL Grip - 1000000-10070000
PL and or RZM - 173000K-411000K

Mr. Still's list is on page 259 (to avoid a lot of typing)

While the second gun appears to be in the range I was hoping to see if anyone had any PLs near to that serial number.

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I have a PL PPK with a s/n close to your PL. Yours is 220723K, mine is 224,418K...Harry
The grip is what is worth the big money!
I owned 185091K many years ago. I foolishly sold it, and would love to know it's whereabouts? If anyone knows where it is or who has it, please let me know at [email protected]

The grip is what is worth the big money!

See some of those grips on auction on Gunbroker :D
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