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Hi; Picked up this PPK 200K frame & 500K slide (numbered right on the bottom of the nose) with a cheesey mexican Mag. Other than the hammer drop bit missing on the inside of the frame it's good. 90 degree safty, Nice original grips (I see a lot of them crazed, chipped, cracked and/or broken.) nice finish over all. I'm thinking of putting the grips on Ebay and let those with a beauty but bad grips fight it out. Then get a set of repo eagle grips and sell the dumb thing to someone I don't like. Or just part the whole thing out. Is there any great demand for the internals? As I remember these are quite a bit different from the current mark. I've gotten hundreds of nazi pistols from veterans and nearly all matched. This is about the only PPK I've ever seen that didn't. Might be the best opportunity to part one out. I remember having one that had a trigger job that went bad and it took a lot of welding work, filing, and stoneing to get it to work again. No telling how long it continued to work. Anyway, what do you guys think? Is this economic, needed, heinous, sacreligious or what? I'm really a rifle guy into German, Japanese and Italian. Doug
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