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PPK's and DRP Holster

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I picked up a couple of PPK's last weekend. #425570k was a commercial but the mag was numbered to the gun and it is the #2 mag. I assume police acquired late in the game. #391181k is an Eagle C Police. Both had black grips and flat bottom mags. The E/C came in the following holster:

Download Attachment: MVC-024S.JPG
Worst part of the holster:

Download Attachment: MVC-020S.JPG
The pin is steel:
Download Attachment: MVC-022S.JPG
I'm guessing the Ffm is a district:

Download Attachment: MVC-021S.JPG
This stamp is unsidedown on the top of the inside of the side flap:

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This picture didn't make the first cut.......... hard to get good help.....

Download Attachment: MVC-023S.JPG

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The ink stamp on last picture is very hard to read. I am sure the last word is Köln (Cologne). The good way to read weak ink stamps is "Money detector Lamp" or common UV lamp.

Jan "Hoba" Balcar
The marking DRP will represent Deutsche Reischspost (German Mail), the marking Ffm is commonly used as abbreviation for Frankfurt am Main.

what is the difference (earlier or later) between the holster above (I mean with the strap on the top flap) and the more popular one with the strap on the left flap (I hope to be clear !!!) ?

Download Attachment: mini-PPK1.JPG

this type of PPK hoster is it more civilian than military with this sort of strap ?
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