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Pre-war & War-time PPK 380 slides...differences ?

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Does this pistol look like a Pre-war PPK 380?
The reason I ask is because the slide is shaped more like a 22lr slide, and not like a 7.65 slide. That is, this .380 slide is smooth, whereas the 7.65 slide has a ridge line. This .380 also has the 90 degree safety.
Rankin has a photo of a later E/N PPK 380 (page 79) that has a slide with the same shape (ridge lines) on the slide as does a 7.65. So, to me it seems that the Pre-war .380 slides must be smooth, which is different from the later War-time .380 slides.
Am I correct about this?

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No differences in .380 slides.
This seller described this pistol incorrectly as .380,
when in reality was pre-war 22lr with reblued slide.
This blockhead is a gun store.
Should know better.
Waste of time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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