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problem with my Roth,HELP!!!

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Any ideas,,I shot my Roth and it was fine. On the 7th round it would no longer push the knob bcak expelling the spent round, I have taken it a part and it looks like the springs are fine any ideas???
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Hey Fogman,
I have exactly the same problem, except that mine wouldn't eject correctly from round 1. I've put about 75 rounds through it, and only about 4 times has the bolt had enough power to eject and load a new round. A few times the bolt didn't get back far enough, and the empty slid back into the chamber, but most times, I get a stove pipe jamb, which crushes the case. I've cleaned it very well, and it's in great shape, but, unfortunatly, the Fiocchi ammo isn't strong enough to work the action.
Does anyone know where I can buy a new 'slide spring' for it? I'd remove a coil at a time trying to see if I could get it to function properly.
I don't know how long ago Fiocchi made their last lot, but I have 2 different box types, one gray, and one purple. The purple box is the newer design. Some time ago, I read that Fiocchi loaded the 8mm ammo to a lower pressure. The speed was something like 150-200fps below the standard military strength. I think it was to protect the 90+ year old pistols, which may have weak springs. I've also read that failure to chamber a new round is a common problem. I guess these 2 go hand in hand. I'd love to get hold of some shootable military ammo, but I suppose that was last manufactured in the 1920's.
Glocksmith, I'll be interested to hear if the velocity is 'up to speed'. I've currently have 5 boxes of the purple, and a half box of the grey. Maybe my pistol needs a little more of a break in period.
Glocksmith, Thanks for the info, and I'd appreciate the update.

I suppose it is possible to rechamber the 8mm to a 9mm, the barrel seems thick enough, but I imagine you'd have to find a way to reconfigure magazine. It looks pretty tight in there, even for the 8mm cartridges.

I was not aware of the US being offered an experimental pistol in 1911. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened had it been sucessful.

In case anyone's interested, I sent a note off to Wolff Springs and asked if they had any plans to manufacture a set of springs for the Roth Steyr. I have yet to get a reply, but others may want to send them a note telling them your're interested in replacement springs. That way, at least they'll know there's interest out there.
Hi everyone,
As a follow up to above, I got a return e-mail from Wolff Springs. They don't have any plans for making the Roth Steyr springs, but if you send them the info on what you need: Outside Diamater, wire size, spring length and # of coils, they can check their database to see if they have anything that comes close.

I took my '07 out this weekend and put 25 rounds through it. In the first 5, 4 fed well, but the 4th failed to eject. From that point on, I had a failure to eject every other round. It actually seems to be getting better. I might make it through an entire mag some day.

As usual, it drew some looks at the range. The range master, who had never seen one before, asked me to drop the clip, when we went down to change targets. He gave it a close look when we went back to firing, but by that time I was out of ammo.
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