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Question about Police magazine

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One of the last Lugers that I acquired has a magazine with a marking that I am not familiar with.

Crimped tube, bottom angle cut, aluminum bottom piece. Bottom piece is marked; 2, serial 6933 and "sunburst" over S. No markings other than on bottom piece. The 2 indicates Police issue and from what I understand the "sunburst" is also a Police indicator.

Costanzo, page 174, states this is a 1929-1932 late Police proof, S representing Sonderpolizei. Is this correct and if so, what was the Sonderpolizei? Is this a seldom encountered or common Police marking?

BTW, no indication that the pistol, just a nice 1940 42, was Police procurement.

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Ed, Jan,

Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I understand well that sometimes inquires do not get an answer. Simply the answer is not known.

Costanzo's "Proof Marks", a most useful publication in it's time, does have quite a few problems. Although I still use it quite often none the less.

Jan, I have all of yours from the beginning and they are well used. Hope some day you will get around to doing the one on commercials like you contemplated a few years ago.

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