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Question on FN 1922 7.65 mm pistol

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This is my FN 1922 pistol.
Serial A17484
Standard Belgian marks, no crest or Waf marks.
My question concerns the grip panels.
Is it possible these grip panels may have been replaced during German occupation or are they flat out incorrect for a pistol of this vintage? TIA
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Milo & Dgiz,

In "The Belgian Browing Pistols", Vanderlinden states on page 157: "As soon as FN was liberated in late 1944, attempts were made to restart production. The majority of pistols produced after the liberation were for military or government contracts. The production of the FN 1922 pistol as well as the High-Power was restarted almost immediately. This was partially made possible by quantities of parts left by the Germans. The "A" prefix in the serial number indicates that the guns were assembled with at least some occupation manufactured parts. The "A" prefix guns (the FN 1922 pistol as well as the High-Power) were always proofed and marked with Belgian proofs, these guns often show an inferior finish quality than on pre-war pistols. Pistols are encountered with wartime brown Bakelite grips, wooden grips, as well as black plastic grips."

Hope this helps,

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