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Question on matching numbers

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I posted before that I was looking to buy my first luger, and that I wanted it to be a shooter. I've found several in my price range that I'm considering- some all matching, some not. I know that if a numbered part should break it will detract from the value, but my question is how frequently can this be expected to happen? I would expect to shoot 300 rounds a month through the gun at most, and it would be well cleaned and cared for. The loss in value doesn't concern me as much as breaking up a matching piece. I'm not willing to get an all matching gun to shoot if there's a good chance I'll break a part and ruin a piece of history.
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Some people replace the pieces that are subject to common breakage and keep the matching pieces safely stored. The firing pin, extractor, magazine and ejector are among them. Personally, I'd rather buy a shooter Luger and not worry about it. 300 rounds per month over time is a fair amount IMO.
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