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Question on matching numbers

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I posted before that I was looking to buy my first luger, and that I wanted it to be a shooter. I've found several in my price range that I'm considering- some all matching, some not. I know that if a numbered part should break it will detract from the value, but my question is how frequently can this be expected to happen? I would expect to shoot 300 rounds a month through the gun at most, and it would be well cleaned and cared for. The loss in value doesn't concern me as much as breaking up a matching piece. I'm not willing to get an all matching gun to shoot if there's a good chance I'll break a part and ruin a piece of history.
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Lugers perhaps more so than any other focused upon handgun collectible are not considered collectible (in most cases) unless all the component parts MATCH. Now having said that, I have an all matching shooter that is not a collectible because the finish is about 20% (about maybe 5% straw) and it has scattered piting. This Luger is NOT one of my collectible ones because of the surface finish and yet it is an all matching one. If this same Luger had a 95%+ finish and no pitting/corrosion it may well be a fine collectible (1915 DWM). The way it stands I shoot this Luger and if a matched part (firing pin or extractor for example) broke I would not be to distressed about it because I have set this Luger aside for shooting. If you find a all matching example with a 95% plus finish and all matching I would be careful about shooting that specimen. If you are going to shoot as much as three hundred rounds a month I would be looking for a non matched (but sound mechanical) Luger with a less than collectible grade finish or even a high grade finish that would not be ruined from a collectible standpoint if a matching part broke. They are out there. I saw several back at the SOS and NGD shows in Louisville last week in the $550-$700 range that would be great shooters.
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