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Question on matching numbers

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I posted before that I was looking to buy my first luger, and that I wanted it to be a shooter. I've found several in my price range that I'm considering- some all matching, some not. I know that if a numbered part should break it will detract from the value, but my question is how frequently can this be expected to happen? I would expect to shoot 300 rounds a month through the gun at most, and it would be well cleaned and cared for. The loss in value doesn't concern me as much as breaking up a matching piece. I'm not willing to get an all matching gun to shoot if there's a good chance I'll break a part and ruin a piece of history.
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Hi Tom!! Plum colored parts are prevalent in 1939 Lugers, so I would think that early 1940 Lugers might suffer the same blue deficiency. It is thought the color was caused by the blueing solution, perhaps in combination with the steel alloy. I think it was the solution. I have seen other firearms with a plum or purple tint that I am sure was caused by the blueing solution!
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