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I have seen a couple shooter grade Lugers at gun shows recently. They appear to be East German Police reworks, from what I understand (plastic grips, reblued at some point, import marks). My question is, when purchasing one of these as a shooter, is it very important that all the parts match (I mean the external serial number that can be seen). Between two different Luger pistols, everything else being equal (overall condition, barrel quality, mechanical condition), is it worth it to pay, say, $100 more for one with matching visible numbers, or just pay a less for the same condition mismatch since they don't really fall into the collectable category anyway. Thanks,
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Mark....I would suggest that you skip both of them and look for an original gun with matching numbers inside and out. It may lack a little finish and cost you a few more $$$ but IMO it's a better investment and will probably be more reliable as a "shooter". If that is not an option for you than I would say at the very least make sure the numbers match inside and out on the rework. I do a lot of shows and I will tell you most of the lugers that guys bring in with problems are reworks.
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