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Now that I know I have a 1920 era DWM Prussian Police Rig with all matching serial #. The holster is stamped with the police unit #, which is the same as the # on the front strap of the Luger.The holster also has the Prussian State Police crest stamped between the belt loops. Opps....did I fail to mention..mag with matching #'s ? Had a wide range of offers for it. Thething I still dont't understand is why, it would have a Crown over N mark, and also a military proof mark on the Right side of the reciever? Why, would a pre-Nazi era pistol have the military stamp on it?

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you are assuming that the waffenamt proofs started with the Nazi era of 1933 to 1945. They actually started in 1925 or so I remember it to be. At any rate it was before the Nazi' came to power. It is a pre nazi proof on a pre nazi weapon.

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I'm kind of thick between the ears. But if that were the case the weapon would have had to be built around 1925, rather than 1920. Was told my Luger was built around 1920, by Ser#. Just like the Luger story, one question answered....two more pop up.

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Starting in 1910 regulations required Army Lugers to be dated at manufacture (see Imperial Lugers page 29-30 and Gortz page 111-114) These regulations requiring Army Lugers be dated were reaffirmed by Army directive in 1923 (H. Dv. 464). (see Weimar Lugers page 18-20)

The Weimar Era Lugers dated 1920 and 1921 are of new manufacture and were not reworked from surplus Imperial Lugers. During 1920 and 1921 DWM was the only company manufacturing Lugers in Germany. Erfurt was a large government arms plant shut down by the Allied Control Commission. Simson became a repair facility of the K.98, MG 08, MP, and P.08 by Prussian Ministry of the Interior orders dated Oct. 19, 1922 (reportedly because it was a small facility and not pose the rearmament threat that Erfurt did). There is no evidence or indication that such Lugers were back dated from 1926.(Weimar Lugers page 26-27, 39).

Reupke (1991) through research of Reichswehr documents in the Library of Congress established that the Waffenant (Weapons Office) was formed by orders dated November 8, 1919. Reichswehr Troop Registers dated 1920, 1921 and 1923 list the personnel for the Waffenant and show the inspection department as Wa4. (Weimar Lugers page 20)

In summary, the above documents indicate that the 9mm Lugers dated 1920 and 1921 were of new manufacture by DWM (not reworks of Imperial Lugers). The military proofs found on them originated from the Reichswehr/Government and should not be attributed to Simson or Erfurt.

Based on observed examples, it is estimated that 80% of the 1920 and 1921 dated Army accepted Lugers went to the police. The police Lugers are identified by state police unit markings, a police installed sear safety, and magazines numbered 1, 2 or 3 in the police style. Most/almost all of these 1920, 1921 dated police Lugers bear Reichswehr acceptance stamps and proofs. This indicates that during the Weimar Era many police lugers were accepted by Reichswehr(Army) inspectors. (Weimar Lugers page 17, 40)


from an Earlier post by Jan Still.
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