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I'm new on this forum, and have some questions and may there is someone how can help me. Thanks in advance
Is it for me possible to buy a luger in the USA or els were in the world? If yes what are the costs? I'm living in Holland (Europe)I'm think export costs documents etc. etc.I can buy in every country ( it's legal for me I own a license from the government to buy, otherwise it was not possilb for me to buy export country does not matter.
And I see a lot of nice lugers there are in the USA
So is there anyone how want to sell me a luger date 1910 or 1911 or 1912 or 1913. Must be original gun, matching numbers (mag. not nesserly) If it's available also a holster.
And than the big question what about the prices

I have a luger for exchange it's a WW 2, chamber date 42, mauser. matching numbers (not the magazine)good chape. Off cors used.
why I want to change to WW 1 luger, I like these more.


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I beleive that "Export" (at least in the USA) is much eaiser than importing. And then every country is different, but exporting is almost always easier. So, you should have no problem, just need to locate and buy.... Prices in the USA can be checked by looking at retail, these will be high prices, but give you an idea. go to http://www.simpsonltd.com/ for the best pictures, prices and description (I believe) on the net (not cheapest, but a good place to get estimates).


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Goodness Harrie! Why USA? If there isn´t anywhere in Holland, how about Germany.
I can truly commend Herr Werle, one of the best Luger gunsmiths in Europe: www.touri.de/werle/
... and there are numerous Lugers on offer in DWJ very month. All are only a few hours drive from Holland enabling you to inspect before you buy; e-mail me and I´ll send you as many further sources as you want.

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