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I have two PPK holsters that I would like to learn more about. First, do they appear to be correct? Then assuming they are correct, in what time period would they have been used? Finally, what type of PPK would they have been issued with?

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 001e.jpg

The first holster is a light tan and does not appear to have a makers mark. There is an ink marked "PPK" as shown is the picture below. The stud is steel. There is a leather tab covering the back of the stud.

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 003e.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 008e.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 012e1.jpg

The second holster is dark brown and has an Akah mark behind the closure tab. The stud is aluminum (not attracted to a magnet). The back of the stud is not covered with the leather tab like the first holster.

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 004e.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 009e.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 013e.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 014e.jpg

Download Attachment: PPK Holster 016e1.jpg

Thank you for your assistance.


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Cass....... First things first, WELCOME to the board. Both of your holsters appear to me to be proper and correct for either prewar or wartime. My guess is that were both commercial holster since neither bear military acceptance stamps. The AKAH is the maker on the second one and from my limited knowledge was the only commercial maker you will see stamped on PPK holsters. At least it is the only one I have ever seen. Perhaps some of the other guys who know a lot more than I do about these holster will give you some additional info.

Both are GREAT looking holsters.........

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Thank you sir. I was actually registered and had made several posts on the old board before it got wiped out. Then I just never got back to re-register.

I appreciate your help on the holsters and am glad to hear they look correct. I have a few pre-war commercial pistols they will go nicely with.

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