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I acquired two 7.65mm Mauser HScs that are both all matching and in excellent condition. Some slight wear on the corners from handling or holster wear. They both have Mauser banner and markings on left slide.

Top pistol, serial 940XXX with matching last 3 digits stamped on barrel lug and electropencilled under slide. Eagle 135 on left trigger guard, eagle N on right trigger guard.

Bottom pistol, same slide markings, serial 954XXX with matching last 3 digits stamped on barrel lug and electropencilled under slide. No other visible proofs or markings.

Pistols came with four magazines. Two (bottom right of pic) have silverish bodies and Mauser banner on floorplate. Other two have gray phoshate bodies and no markings on floorplate, just a "D" shaped indentation on the floorplate fronts.

One of these phosphate mags came wrapped in preservative paper and has no signs of use or being slid into the pistol. In the same paper was a spare barrel (unused) with an "R over W" stamped on the barrel lug (just like the ones in the pistols) and a large "S" but no serial number.

My questions,

1. Based on serial numbers, what is the date of production?
2. Is top one military issue, based on markings? Is the other one a commercial version? If the first is wartime military, did they sell commercial ones as well? The serial numbers are only 14000 apart.
3. Which mags go with which pistol, or does it matter?
4. Any ideas on the "S" marked unserialized spare barrel?

Any other info on these pistols appreciated.

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The date of production for 940xxx was probably very late 1944, toward the end of Nazi production and the E/135 indicates Army acceptance.

Production date for 954xxx was approximately mid-1945, after the war, when the French occupation forces continued assembling HSc's for their own use. It is not a commercial pistol. The R entwined with a W is the French proof seen on these pistols.

Commercial models of the Mauser HSc can be found throughout total Nazi production from 700000 to approximately 952000. These are identified by a lack of any acceptance proof on the front grip strap and at the rear of the trigger guard on the left side of the pistol. All Nazi produced Mauser HSc pistols will have firing proofs of E/N at rear of right trigger guard and at front of right slide.

The magazines with Mauser banner stampings are generally from the first half of HSc production, but could be found with later military pistols such as 940xxx. The D shaped indentation magazines were issued later in the war and could be found with either later Nazi produced pistols, or French assembled pieces.

Since the loose unserialed barrel bears the R/W French proof, the "S" must also be some French stamping.

As always, I hope that this helps and that other HSc collectors add their input.
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