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Radom Holster with Signature

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Being new to this forum, I hope I am going about it correctly. With that said, I have Radom holster in my collection with the name in German script "Oberfuhrer Borgmann". I queried the US Army Archives in Wiesbaden when they were in possession of the SS records. The reply was "not enough information"!!! How many SS Oberfuhrer's can there be? Can anyone steer me in the right direction to try and get a service record on this man?? Thanks.
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I am not sure as to whom you could make inquiries, but some of the others on the forum may be able to help.

But could you pos pictures of the holster. It sounds interesting.
Sorry Charlie, I can't post any pictures at this time!! Camera problem!!
Getting military records on US Servicemen is difficult enough, getting one on a German officer is even harder.

The name is Borgmann, his rank is Oberfuhrer so, I would imagine there were more than one, plus the records, besides being in German, were probably hap-hazard by the time the US gained possession of them, i.e. records mixed up by moving them.

I did a search on Oberfuhrer Borgmann, and did not find anything by that name.

Thanks for the try Ed! I do know that at one time, the US had all the SS records stored at Wiesbaden, but in the last few years they were turned back to the Germans. I had written to Bob Whittington several years ago and he put me in touch with the US Army in Wiesbaden....to no avail unfortunately. I have a few more years left!!, so maybe someday!!

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