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Radom magazines

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I have 3 Radom magazines.
One has an Eagle623 by the side pin, electropenciled serial 8661 and a [K] on spine. Rough finish.
One has Eagle189 on toe. Phosphate finish.
One has a nice blued finish. Only a rounded w on spine.

My question. Where can I go to find out about these magazines. I don't want to buy another book to research this as I don't have any of these pistols.
Thanks jimmiej
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Hi there.zThe mag with e/623 should be phosphate,electrpencil number is most likely eastern German police add on.E/189 should be blue and would be proper for first and second alphabet pistols.Third mag could be a polish production issued to prealpha pistols or beginning of first alphabet pistols.l will need to see the pics.Hopefully this helps,Kris
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