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I have discovered and purchased another 00 series cyq, I believe that a member of this forum had indicated this series of Spreewerk pistols were made by order of the Russians who captured the plant.

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The right slide

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My observation is that the locking lock on his pistol is proof marked e/s which means it was accepted for smokeless powder during WWII.

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Sorry about the bad photo but the marking is there. My other two 00 series do not have the proof mark, see my web site http:/www.p38guns.com.

What does this mean? My other two guns are not proof marked and the block is not reworked. I have only seen my three guns, with so few guns known to exist does anyone else have an e/s proof marked 00 series?

I am in a constant debate about the AC frame marked guns with other collectors because they are also Nazi proof marked .... but that is another topic for a future posting.

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