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Rarest of the rare

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For the first time,a photo of a luger holster that most have never heard of much less seen. It is real and most rare so take this opportunity to study the item in detail. Sorry for the background but one has to take pictures when and where made available.

Download Attachment: cdg 4 holster front.JPG

Download Attachment: cdg 4 holster rear.JPG

Download Attachment: cdg 4 waffenamt 101 markings.JPG
. Yes, you all have seen the "cdg 4 " holster but this is the same "cdg 4" but with a waffenamt of WaA101 and marked "P.08". By all accounts only two are known at present. The rule is , I get the next one !?!

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Hello Huggiebear,
Does this holster just have "4" under"cdg".

I just wanted to make sure as i have a "cdg 40/P.08/WaA101.

I was hoping that i might have a rare holster....Probably not the case though.

Please let me know.

Can anyone recomend a good luger holster reference book?

Best regards,

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Yes, it has only the number 4 underneath the code of "cdg". Your holster is correct but not what one would like to have , only in that it is a 1940 issue and not thee 1944 variation which is the difficult one to acquire.
Hi Steve, try (Luger Holsters and Accessories of the 20th century by Eugene Bender). I have it and its great. Some times its up for auction on ebay under military Luger.
Many thanks Huggie and Reich190,

I will keep a look out on ebay for the holster book.......

Thanks again.

Best regards,

F.Y.I. The P08 cdg 4 holster that "huggiebear" photographed and shared with the forum contains a 1944 Krieghoff serial #11257. The pictures were taken at the September 2003 NAPCA Convention in Chattanooga Tennessee and is owned by me.
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