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Reichs Revolver Model !88_?

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My Mother in Law was given a Reichs Revolver by a Texas Ranger in Nueces County, Texas in 1935. She has now given it to me, and I am doing a couple of things. The first is to find a parts source for this pistol. The ser. # is 8211, marked Erfurt with a crown above it, with 188_ below it. The unit markings are crossed out on the backstrap, but under the grip strap are 6.R.A.1.62 Any suggestions or info. available?


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Welcome Steve,
To find Reichsrevolver parts is hard job and if you pick up one it's expensive, even in Germany. Which parts are missing?
The Erfurt marking (manufacturer's stamp) seems to be very interesting.
Is the last digit really missing? Or only unreadable?
The unit marking under the grip is an unusual place.
What is the small script letter,if it has one, under the serial number?
The unit mark means:
Reserve- Feldartillerie- Regiment No.6,
1. Batterie,
Waffe 62.
The R should be a script capital letter.
The small script letter under the serial is a lower case d. The last digit on the date is unreadable,can only read 188_. The crossed out unit marking on the backstrap is 3.R.A.5.30. (The R is a script capital letter). The proofs have a crown over ?.The parts needed are a hammer (the spur is broken off)and two side cover plate screws. It is complete, but would be better with a replacement hammer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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