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Hello guys,
a German reader of my book wrote me concerning the very interesting picture shown at page 51 of my book (in the section concerning the early holsters for LP08).
This picture shows a young German Infantry soldier with a P08 fitted into a M79 reichsrevolver holster. Actually this picture is very interesting because of it is very rare to meet historical pictures that shown the use of P08 with reichsrevolver holster.

The German reader is a Reichsrevolver expert (he is going to finalise a book on the Reichsrevolvers) and told me that the aforementioned picture shows a very rare Reichsrevolver holster variation.
According to him “the holster is the early model M/81. Later all of these M/81 have been modified to the holster M/87. The M/87 is the common type which is familiar to the most collectors.
Your photograph is a rare one.”

So this picture is very interesting for two reasons:
First : it shows the use of P08 with Reichsrevolver holster
Second: the Reichrevolver holster is a rare variation.





Mauro Baudino - Author of the "La Luger Artiglieria - The Luger Artillery" book.
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