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Hello Heinrich,

First of all I want to thank you for your outstanding new book on the Reichrevolvers, it's a real collectors bible and a must for the advanced collector.
Nevertheless I can't find an answer on the pictured stampings.
Can you or anybody identify this stampings ?

Any help will be appreciated


What means RJ ? Which unit ?
Download Attachment: 25.12. 008.jpg

Z on the front side of the cylinder ??
Download Attachment: 25.12. 019.jpg

Date of issue on the wrong side of the makers marking
Download Attachment: 25.12. 016.jpg

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Hello Fritz,
RJ marking: Very interesting. It's the first time that I see a small name stamp in combination with an unit mark. My opinion is that the armourer left his name due to the wrongly punched digit 3 and 2. The instruction says that the armourer has to mark a part which has been replaced or repaired with his name with a 2,5 mm punch. (see page 269)

Unit stamp: Feldartillerie- Regiment Nr. 33, 2. Batterie, Revolver 26; (unit systenm explained on page 242)

Z- marking on the cylinder face: see page 244 below left.

Date of issue: yes, this stamp was punched on wrong place. Jan Still has also a M/79 in his collection with a similar stamp, pictured on page 239.

I would like to ask Jan to post the unit mark of the mentioned M/79. Perhaps was this kind of marking a characteristic of the regiment's armourer.

Fritz, your M/79 seems to be in a great condition, worth to be pictured completely.
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