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To blow my own horn (actually, a Fanafarentrompete): At the (U.S.) National Rifle Associations's National Gun Collectors Show and Conference held at Springfield, Massachusetts, 4/5 October I displayed an exhibit: BEFORE THE LUGER: GERMAN NAVY HANDGUNS 1849-1904. This included samples of the appropriate handguns, (including an M79 issued to I.S.B.), holsters, accessories, and visuals. There was considerable public interest in the exhibit and to my great surprise I won the Best of Show Second Runner Up award, consisting of a plaque plus a nice check.
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C. Brown
Congratulations on your exhibit and award. I would have liked to see it in person. Any exhibit photographs? I would like to see photographs of the M79 marked to the I.S.B.
Thanks for the compliments. Going in I thought it unlikely I would stand any chance of getting any kind of award given the preponderance and types of U.S. materiel I knew would be exhibited, so did not make arrangements for photographs. NRA took some which will appear somewhere eventually. I don't yet have photo capability of my own.
Congrats on the award, I was at that show on Sunday, it was one of the best ever.
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