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Hi Harry,

I find that 124Gr S&B Functions flawlessly in my 1937 S/42 with Mec/Gar magazine.
My 1913 Dutch doesn't mind the 124Gr but functions more reliable with 115Gr. As I have stated before, wear and tear of small parts is not unusual. I see 'modern' guns that have a lot more small parts failures than the 'old' P08.

S&B Burns beautifully, btw, and causes only minimal fouling of the internal parts. GeCo, for example, makes a Luger look like it was on fire. WW2 ammo is corrosive and I advise against using it (or clean your barrel immediately after shooting). Plus, the collector's value of original ammo is higher than it's shooting value at the moment.

My VoPo Frankenluger has now reached a stage where it will fire nothing with much reliability. Will put in a new mainspring soon :)
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