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www.sportsmansguide.com has replacement checkered walnut grips available for $9.95/set however they are marked as replacements for Stoeger Lugers. Are these interchangeable with commercial and war year luger pistols?

I would'nt mind having some replacements grips available to preserve my originals. Has anyone checked these out?

They also have a dress-up kit that contains a repro holster, new grips and take down tool for $59.97!


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The stoeger luger is the 22 version and completely different (I once bought a bunch of grips off of e-bay, had some Franzite luger grips and three pair of stoeger ones, the stoegers didn't help me at all). The "cheaper" luger grips you can buy on e-bay asre fine, but you will HAVE to make them fit, if you want them to look original.

I have gotten to the point, where I buy onmly original, even for playing (grips are different), but the repro tools are soft and bend, (experience again), and the repro holsters suck, or sometimes are ok. So, find a holster that has been messed with on e-bay (cut down a bit, or one of those european modifications to fit the US GI web-blets.

Just my 2 cents, a repro holster is fine and will work, but will never go up in value, an original, even messed up one would go up in value a tiny bit.

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