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On the original Jan Still Forum I posted results of a survey of 1911 and 1912 DWM Lugers in which I had attempted to determine when the transition from Commercial to Military serial number location had occurred.

From this, admittedly limited, survey it was concluded that the transition from commercial to military marking occurred in 1911, not 1912 as originally presumed. The data shows that the transition took place in 1911 between the 8800e and 9300e serial number set with a 497 unit uncertainty range.

This survey was derived from my own collection and data from Jan Still, and several other collectors on this and the other Luger Forum. Out of respect for those collectors who requested that the entire serial number not be revealed, I have only posted the first two digits. This limitation, however, does not alter the conclusion.

DISCLAIMER: Certainly this is a limited sample of 32 Lugers and cannot be considered absolutely conclusive. I would welcome other input, especially if you own a 1911 or a 1912 which does not fall into the posted ranges.

1911 SN </u> Placement</u>
1 81xx-d Commercial
2 85xx-d Commercial
3 2xx-e Commercial
4 6xx-e Commercial
5 1154-e Commercial
6 12xx-e Commercial
7 16xx-e Commercial
8 21xx-e Commercial
9 27xx-e Commercial
10 40xx-e Commercial
11 46xx-e Commercial
12 59xx-e Commercial
13 66xx-e Commercial
14 68xx-e Commercial
15 86xx-e Commercial
16 88xx-e Commercial

17 93xx-e Military
18 96xx-e Military
19 97xx-e Military
20 98xx-e Military

1912 SN</u> Placement</u>
1 7xx Military
2 12xx Military
3 21xx Military
4 22xx Military
5 32xx Military
6 70xx Military
7 77xx Military
8 78xx Military
9 78xx Military
10 7xxx #1 M Military
11 7xxx #2 M Military
12 91xx Military

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