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Hello Mr Still I just want to show you and other too one holster find by a friend mine
The maker :Julius Jansen in Strasbourg
All the tools are stamped with gothik letter + crown

Download Attachment: RG14face.jpg

Download Attachment: RG14sus_outil.jpg

Download Attachment: RG14suspente.jpg

Download Attachment: RG14_dos.jpg

Download Attachment: RG14ouv_outils.jpg
Although the quality I hope you enjoy it

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Patrice, will you post some good photos of the markings? Quite an exceptional holster.

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The Reichs Gendarmerie holster you show is the first that I have seen with a belt loop extension. The extension is also R.G.14 stamped.

Another R.G.14 holster is shown on page xxii and 57 of Imperial Lugers and another(RG number not visable) is shown on page 93 of Kenyon The Multi-national Pistol. Like the one you show these are commercial style holsters with provision for cleaning rod and punch.

It is unusual that two holsters are marked with the same RG 14 stamp. Perhaps the 14 is not (in this case) the Luger RG number.

Thanks for showing a very rare and interesting holster.

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