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Back in August Huggie displayed a very nice RJ rig. Well, that inspired me and I have finally found an RJ marked pistol. As an added bonus, it is listed in Jan Still's Axis pistols.

I noticed that in Axis Pistols the RJ might stand for Reich Jugend does this theory still stand? What exactly is Reich Jugend? With belt buckles there were several varieties of youth buckles but no RJ buckles.

First was Deutsches Jungvolk (German Youth)

Then in about 1936 they became Hitlerjungend (Hitler Youth)

Or NSDAP Jugend (Youth League of the NSDAP)

Here is the pistol.

Download Attachment: RJWaltherPP.jpg

Gentlemen; i also have a R.J. marked PP.serial# is 94667x with crown N markings.it has a 90% safety and the safety is a very rich plum. i suppose it is prewar and commercial?it has app. 70% blue. no waffenampts. Jerry
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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