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Just got it today,finally. It is a M1907 Roth-steyr made in Steyr #22xxx and is marked W eagle 10, the ring on the grip is marked
6 L.U.R #129 for the Landwehr Uhlan Regiment. Any ideas on finding who number 129 was???I am looking for history on the regiment, I do know that there was 1688 men in the unit and they were commanded by Oberst Ferdinand Haberman and the unit was in Rzeszow and Debica which is in Poland.

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Thanks for your excellent photographs and presentation.
I have no information on the identification of Austria- Hungarian units or markings. However, your estimate that 6LUR signifies: 6 Landwehr Uhlan Regiment/weapon no 129 appears reasonable. Perhaps a member can verify that such a World War I Austria-Hungary unit exists. In any case it appears to be a very rare unit stamp and a collectors prize.
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