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I heard theres a new batch of russian lugers coming into the country real soon how much should they go for are they worth buying or should i save my money for something else buck

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Hi Buck,

Depends on the condition, I guess. Frankonia in Germany reworked a number of them some years ago and these went for some 700 - 900EUR. The reworking had turned them in great looking shooters, but collectability went out the window. They had new small parts and barrels, salt-dip blue and matching 02/1001 magazines (force-matched, of course), no original grips, but Nill replacements.

The russian cross-type capture mark on the grip strap gives the Russian origin away.

I doubt that original Russian supply lugers will still have their grips, as the storing methods I heard off, consisted of grip removal and storage of guns in oil-filled barrels.

This is one of Frankonia's Russian lugers. I swapped the Nill grips for some Russian grips I bougth a while ago, thought it was kinda suitable.

Download Attachment: S42-russiangrips.jpg

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thanks for the information i guess i have to see what i can get one for im looking for a shooter right now and dont want to spend a lot of money till i know what im doing thanks buck
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