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Last week I posted a request for information and any knowledge regarding my ’38 S/42. Many of you responded via this forum and email. Thank you!

I’m not an experienced collector; in fact, I may not even be considered a novice by many of you.

This had been in my Dad’s collection and I didn’t know a thing about the pistol. Members of this site started giving me information regarding the photos. It was “Russian Captured”! After receiving the information my enthusiasm waned. Then, I realized there was more history to this pistol than I ever could have imagined.

The Luger is a very well made pistol that was carried by a Soldier, most likely not any different than you or I. A Soldier just following orders believing his cause is right, marching off to the East to rule the world with this Luger strapped to his side. What is the history of this Luger? What journey did it take to end up in my Dad’s collection? These were and are questions that intrigue me. Of course, the chances of ever finding out this one of many Luger’s stories, is almost non-existent.

With input from you folks I do know that this was a “Capture”. That it was collected along with many of them and put into containers full of oil. The original grips were removed and most likely discarded. Sometime, possibly 30 to 40 years later, the Luger is retrieved and reworked and most likely issued to another soldier who was just following orders. This soldier was most likely from East Germany and part of a Police unit. Again, the soldier and his perceived cause is defeated. The walls come tumbling down and the Luger finds it way back to west from whence it came.

In the west it ends up as a confiscation. Again, it is in the hands of another Soldier who cause is right. It makes it way across the great Atlantic sometime during the late eighties in the baggage of visiting West German Police officer. The Luger is exchanged for some U.S. of A. trinkets and ends up in the hands of another Soldier and Police Veteran, my Dad!

My Dad was a history buff, he cared about originality but what he cared more about was the story. I'm sure he knew a lot more of the story but unfortunately it will never be known only speculated about.

This got me to thinking. To a collector, original is the best. However, is original the best story? Why do we collect? Is it for monetary gain? Is it for history? Is it some combination of both?
As I stated, in the beginning of this post, my enthusiasm waned when I learned I had a “capture”. Then it hit me; this one weapon that so many different soldiers possessed and likely died for, has more of a history than just being an “original” or “just a shooter”. It’s all about soldiers and their causes. History is the only one who tells us whether these causes were just or not. This Luger is speaking out, can you hear your Luger?

May the Great Spirit of all Mankind bless all Soldiers of all Wars? Each believed his cause was right, many died believing they were right!

Have a great Memorial weekend and appreciate and remember. "History tells us all!"

I will try to post higher resolution of my "Russian Capture" so others can have the oportunity to learn and question.

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"However, is original the best story?.....This Luger is speaking out, can you hear your Luger?"

Excellent presentation. As you demonstrated, minty or new condition is not always the best story.
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