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Here is one you don’t see to often. When you do, they are usually in poor condition.
When the Russians accepted the Tokarev pistol, the first type made during general production was known as the TT (Tula-Tokarev) Model 30, or the TT30.
The TT30 is identified by its barrel locking lugs only machined into the top portion of the barrel, a full trigger profile and a dismountable block located in the backstrap. This block carried the Trigger extension bar spring and disconnector spring. The pistols that incorporated all the original TT30 design elements were made in 1933. These are referred to as the “True” TT30’s. As with most handguns, modifications were made to aid in production time. The first to go was the top barrel lugs. These were replaced by full lugs that encircled the barrel. This shows up in 1934 production and these pistols are known as the TT30, First Variation.
Next, there were some interior modifications that appear in 1935 dated models and these are the TT30, Second Variations. During the second half of 1935, major production changes were made such as eliminating the removable portion of the backstrap and a notched trigger to aid in removal. These pistols became the more common TT33 pistols. (As a side note, the original TT30 magazines had a longer floor plate but this was quickly eliminated, these types of magazines are rare).
TT30 pistols from the 3 years of production are scarce. Most show the effects of the harsh weather and combat conditions associated with the “Great Patriotic War” as the Russians refer to the war with Germany. Those that survived are usually well worn and mismatched. Very few TT30 pistols have made it back to the United States.
I was lucky enough to stumble upon this example. It is matching with the exception of the magazine. With wear on the grip straps and high edges only (and one spot on the slide), this is a nice example. It is dated 1935, so this is the last year of TT30 production. According to records, 38,488 TT30s were assembled in 1935. The serial number is 28730. I hope you enjoy this historical pistol. Dean

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The crooked emblem in the grip plates is common in 1935 dated examples, both grip emblems should be the same.

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Note the removable backstrap portion with matching serial number.

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Nice presentation and what an excellent find a TT30 is!! I think I will do as JT has done and print out your wonderful history synopsis on this Russian pistol for future reference. I don't believe I have ever seen one in person. Then again I may have not recognized it as a TT30 when I saw a TT33. I have not seen many pre war or war dated Russain TT33s before so I am sure the TT30 is one rare pistol. Thanks for sharing this great find with us.
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