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Russian TT30 Tokarev with Nazi holster

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In addition to utilzing captured stocks , the Wehrmacht manufactured their own version of what a holster should be when Germans were designing it. Displayed is such an example when only a few modifications from existing designs provided their needed requirements. Difficult holster to find. Equally amazing is the 1935 dated TT30 in such excellent condition and all matching to include the magazine which survived the war in this condition. " No doubt one of Stalin's henchmen used this piece " !!!!

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Wonderful holster and very nice TokarevTT-30! You don't see many of the TT-30s especially with the matching magazine. Considering the massive lost of men and equipment by the Russians, to find a TT-30 in such remarkable condition is quite a prize. If I may ask? how long have you owned this holster and pistol? Did the holster and TT-30 come together? It would sure be interesting to know where this pistol has been and how it was used. Someone took darn good care of it to survive in this outstanding condition. Fantastic rig and thanks for posting the pictures. Lloyd in Vegas
No, unfortunately the pistol did not come with the holster. As for the holster I have had it since 1977 or so. Just acquired the pistol recently as I wasn't looking too hard but had the opportunity to acquire such an example and decided to step into the batter's box. Was extremely happy with what I had purchased upon arrival.

Maybe you can answer a question for me. What external differences are there between the TT30 & TT33? Comparing my 1938 TT33 to your pictures the only difference I see is that the sights are higher on mine. I know that internally the locking lugs are different.


Perhaps, you should look at your pistol once again as the TT30 has the trigger unit insert that is shown on the rear gripstrap . It has the serial number stamped on its outer surface. No TT33 has this feature.
A beautiful TT 30 rig!! I have been looking for a nice TT 30 or even TT 33 for a number of years ever since I passed on a TT-33 Nazi marked (28 yrs ago) in favor of a US 1911, at a Gunshow in Vermont. AND the seller was asking only $175.00!!!

Nice KK, group grouping!

Great TT 30 and holster. These are one tough pistol to find. It took me a few years and a lot of asking around to find one. Thanks for sharing this scarce pistol and rare holster.
I forgot to add this. Check out the TT-30 post I did in the Allied Pistol section of the forum. I tried to cover a little of the history of the TT-30 and the differences between it and the TT-33.
Hope this helps a little.

Thanks for the info. I have slow speed dial up service & on the posts with a lot of pictures some come up with a red X instead of the picture. I didn't get the one with the back strap the first time. I have 4 Tokarevs, 2 Russian & 2 Chinese, but have never seen one of the TT-30s. And I will check out your post in Allied Pistols.

You said "lot of pictures some come up with a red X instead of the picture." The red X photographs were lost on this Forum several months ago and are not a result of your computers speed. I would encourage folks to repost the lost photographs.

I didn't get a computer until I retired 4 years ago so I'm a long way from computer literate. But the red X instead of a picture is something I'm getting on new posts. Some show up if I hit refresh, some show up if I get out & come back in & some just never show up.


Try this on new post pictures that do not show up. Right click on the red X and pick "Show Picture" from the displayed menu with a left click. This should help to display picture.

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