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Rusted Gasser with no marks!!!

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Got a Rast u. Gasser with no marks except for "O" on the bottem of the Bbl. and some 3 digit numbers inside the grips and side plate/frame. Is this an early model, or 1920's war reparations?? No proofs of any kind, no Austrian Property marks, no commercial proofs and finally, no Ru.G marks either,otherwise identical to the usual WW 1 revolver.....

Dale in Ala
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No Belgian marks, and it seems to be the early type ejector with the brass nut....Dimensionally identical to a 1917 date example otherwise...

Dale in Ala
No, I was being a wise guy, it is still blued about 70%...

Jani: Pin goes into a hole in the Barrel, the head of the pin is brass, not steel, otherwise it has the same features as the 1917 as far as dimensions and contours, there are some slight differences internally, and some of the machining is done in a more complex manner than the 1917.
Being a machnist once, I notice these things, but other than the two differences, I cannot find, any other distinguishing marks or features....

BTW: My Grandmother and her family were from Slovenia, came here before WW 1 and she married a Slovak in Iowa, and changed the Family name during the "Red Scare" of the 1920's. I am glad that you can play with guns in the Motherland!!

Dale in Ala
Jani: Due to the Cold War, I never got any information out of Grandma, she became very patriotic after the 20's and would not talk about it any more. Her name was Lucas, her husband was Mazur, and my Father was a Master Sergeant in the USAF with a Top Secret Clearance, so he would not even talk to me about it!!! I had to do my own research, and even then, nothing was found in Ellis Island or in Madrid Iowa where they emigrated.....

Thanks for the info on the Rast und Gasser, at least someone knows something about these guns. BTW: I did get the US Army to pay for German, but I had to do Russian on my own, so I missed learning my own ancestral language, but at least I can read, write and speak German....I am working on the Slavic Languages next!!!

Dale in Ala
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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