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I was able to acquire this RZM Walther PPK back at Louisville last week at the NGD show. A dealer friend of mine spotted it and said he could get it for a very good price and if I wanted it he would give it to me for what he paid. I gave it a quick looking over and told him to please proceed with the purchase. Anyway, it is serial number 825711 with a C/N proof on the right slide, right barrel hood and right front of barrel near the muzzle. It is all matching with a crudely inscribed 711 inside the slide. This is one of those early very high polish blue finishes that is at least 98% and absolutely gorgeous. The left grip is cracked from the top all the way down to the left grip screw. I will try to find a better condition wrap around grip because this PPK deserves it. Even with the cost of a new pair of grips factored in this will still be a reasonably priced RZM PPK given the condition. On Sunday at NGD I was able to find an excellent condition NSDAP marked holster and a flat based magazine to complete the rig. Anyone know what date this PPK would have been manufactured? I am thinking around 1934/35 but I am not sure. Any comments or further insights are of course appreciated and welcome! Thanks Lloyd in Vegas
Download Attachment: RZM PPK Left Side 2.jpg
Download Attachment: RZM PPK Right Side 2.jpg
Download Attachment: RZM PPK Rig.jpg
Download Attachment: RZM Marking on PPK.jpg
Download Attachment: RZM PPK Holster Open.jpg
Download Attachment: RZM PPK Holster Markings.jpg
Download Attachment: RZM PPK Holster Front Closed.jpg
Download Attachment: RZM PPK Holster Rear.jpg

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Thanks Ed! I have been fortunate in finding some nice pieces over the last little while. Sometimes it is not just good or blind luck but putting in the time and effort to locate pieces and networking with other collectors. Like we all know, the hunt is a big part of the overall thrill of this collecting hobby so I am always on the hunt and trying to "smoke out" the next piece!

Dan, I am not sure just where this RZM PPK was in terms of being on display at the NGD show. This dealer friend of mine brought it to me and I just bought it from him. I don't know who or where he got it from in the show. You very well may have seen it before I did.

Regards, Lloyd in Vegas
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