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Many greetz from Germany and a friendly hello to the American friends of the Luger's,
hereby I would like to present gladly my model S/42 1936 to you.
The numbers are all the same, but not on the Magazin.
Perhaps someone could tell me more about this Luger. Does someone know such a Holster?
For your Tipps and information I would be much grateful.
and apology for my bad English.
many greetings from Germany Berlin, Tim.

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Tim : Glad to see you aboard. You have a excellent example of a Mauser luger made in 1936 and appears to be of original finish which is not found all that common in Germany. The Forum has numerous members listed from your country and if you so desire, you can email them as well. More to your holster however, it is hard to tell the scale or size as there is no other item to compare it to in the picture but if you have shown this holster as the accompanying holster for your luger, then I believe that I can provide some information on the holster. If, as I believe it to be, you had a very uncommon ersatz holster which was originally made for the P.38 in 1941 but has since been modified by extending the toe. I can't say whether this modification was done pre war or post war but certainly has not enhanced its value any, in my opinion. What still concerns me however is the fact that if it is for your luger why was the toe extended as I feel quite certain that if it was made for the P.38 it would also fit the luger without any modifications to the holster. I also see that no magazine wear marks at the top of the magazine pouch. Show me the luger inside the holster and the luger magazine inside the magazine pouch if you will,and perhaps I can further identify this holster correctly. thanks,

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Hello Huggiebear at first thank you for your fast answer!
here still a few pictures of the Holster with the weapon.
The magazine does not fit without force up to ends inside, I assumes as you already said that this is a converted Holster.
Ask for your (yours) opinion. Do you have perhaps still further data to the serialnumber 9510 ?
Do you can give me tips to eliminate the rust?
Is it better to restorate the gun or not?
What is the Gun ca. worth in amerika?
Greeting Tim.
sorry,the Text is translated with Altavista.

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You have listed four digits of your serial number , but in order to have a complete serial number one must look at the frame front in order to determine what the letter suffix is. Listing the four digits PLUS the suffix will give you a complete serial number. In addition I would not suspect to find any significance to the serial number but only to further estimate its actual production date. The holster has me baffled because it appears not to be for the P.38 nor the Luger but has been extended as was stated before and could have very well been done pre war. I would have loved to acquired that holster in my hands just to determine what it was originally for and what it would fit after alterations as I personally have not seen this variation before. To remove your rust spots I would suggest using copper wool as the rust finish will you allow to do this without damaging the surface finish that you now have. DO NOT have this gun refinished as originality is the best category to have. Value here in the states would be in the range of $600 to $900 without having a matching magazine.

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Thanks Huggiebear,
the Suffix is "k",also 9510k
Copper wool is very difficult to buy in Germany,but i give my best.

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Hi Solero,
I am new to the forum also. Your Luger is nice. I have a unrelated question for you. What type of laws do you have in Germany in regard to owning firearms, especially handguns? Just curious.

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Hi Colonel1,
Rear one, the possession of firearms is possible with us in Germany with valid WBK. Whereby there are different versions for collecting tanks(Sammler), contactors(Schützen), hunter(Jäger) etc. of a WBK. Greeting Tim.
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