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As a Mauser rifle collector, I figured I "needed" a Mauser made Luger. This is the rig that I put together.

Download Attachment: DCP00534.JPG
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toggle Markings

Download Attachment: DCP00545.JPG
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Left side

Download Attachment: DCP00546.JPG
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Right side

Download Attachment: DCP00547.JPG
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Frame number

Download Attachment: DCP00548.JPG
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Mags, which one, if either are correct for this date, code? Both have the straight eagle/ 63. One blue body the other in the white.

Download Attachment: DCP00538.JPG
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Download Attachment: DCP00537.JPG
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the tool, a droop wing eagle, again, is this correct?

Download Attachment: DCP00541.JPG
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Finally, the holster. 1936 dated, but it is one that came out of Northern Europe with a US style belt hook attached, I had the belt loops replaced, (my apologies to Jerry, I didn't know about the forum then) Holster is marked Wihlem Brand

Download Attachment: DCP00542.JPG
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Download Attachment: DCP00549.JPG

Download Attachment: DCP00550.JPG

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Runner, the droop wing over 63 accessories are correct for your 1936 S/42.

However, I suspect that the nickel plated magazine has had the aluminum bottom changed in the past, since WWII. The straight wing eagle magazines didn't begin until the early to mid part of 1937 and the Germans phased out the nickel plated military magazines in the later part of 1936. So for Mauser Military Magazines you should not see a straight wing eagle Waffenamt Mark on a nickel plated tube magazine!!

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hello runner

Your question

SO would the correct type magazine for my luger be a nickle tube with a droop eagle 63?
thanks, runner

The answer to your question would be yes, however depending on the suffix block of your luger if towards the end of 1936 production ( O and P block lugers )in my opinion a blued tube (crimped not extruded) with an droop eagle acceptance would also be period correct as Frank has stated the nickel bodied tubes were starting to be phazed out and it would not surprise me to find out that blued crimped tube DE-63 acceptance magazines were interspersed with the late 1936 luger production o and P block .

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I appreciate the information as to the type magazine I need. The problem is, both of my mags pictured, (which are the only non-imperial ones I have) are both SE/63, not drooped. Anybody interested in a trade? again thanks for the help, at least I know what to hunt for at the gun show next month... runner
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