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S/42 1936

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I have taken in an S/42 1936 that is 98% with almost no handling marks on metal. Wood grips are very good as is the 1936 date holster.
Unfortunately both magazines were discarded many years ago. All numbers match -- 2500 range with no prefix or suffix.
I would appreciate any info and/or estimate of value.
Roy (FFL)
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Just a thought. That Big S /42, isn't that typical for 1934 and 1935 version? I would expect an equally sized S/42 on a 1936 guns, similar to those on 1937 ones.

Good explanation as it is an early 1936 one. Roy, there was no intention to question the originality of this gun, just checking if the 'big S' can be expected on early 1936's.

I wonder if the switchover between the large and small S can be narrowed down to a specific range.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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