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S/42 1936

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I have taken in an S/42 1936 that is 98% with almost no handling marks on metal. Wood grips are very good as is the 1936 date holster.
Unfortunately both magazines were discarded many years ago. All numbers match -- 2500 range with no prefix or suffix.
I would appreciate any info and/or estimate of value.
Roy (FFL)
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Hi Roy, if you have a 1936, it has to have a suffix!! The script suffix is located on the front of the frame, below the barrel and just below the numbers of the serial number. The suffix is "f" through "p", eliminating the "j" suffix. If you have a photo, it would help evaluate the Luger.
Roy, great news!! Now at least we can continue. All 1936 Lugers have strawed small parts (straw is a golden color and apply to the take down lever, trigger, magazine release button, safety lever and ejector). If the small parts are strawed and are in the same condition range as the blue (approximately), the blue is legit (not reblue) and the proper parts are marked with the last two digits of the serial number you have a winner. All this being true the value of the pistol is in the $1400 to $1500 range. Photos will still help!!!
Hey Vlim, good eye!! I missed it!! The reason it has the same size "S" as a G-Date is because it was made in 1935!! At least I would speculate that since the 2651g serial number is one of the fairly early 1936 produced Lugers, it easily could have had parts left over from the 1935 production. At least that's my guess!!
Vlim, the earliest 1936 I have is a K-Block with a fine tail eagle proof mark, just before they went to the coarse tail eagle proof in the late L or early M-Block. The K-Block has the small "S" toggle link mark.

I am sure I have seen early 1936 Lugers with the large "S" toggle mark, but I don't remember the serial number. Perhaps Jan could give us some help on this one!!

In Jan's Book "Third Reich Lugers" he shows a L-Block with the small "S" and a 1936 S/N 6584g with a large "S". Recall Roy's serial number was 2651g.

With the provanence of Roy's pistol, I am sure it's legit!
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