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Obtained two weeks ago, a nice S-42 luger, 1938 date, solid 85% original blue, some straw on small parts, typical holster wear, small areas of mottling to blue where pepper rust was cleaned off, no pitting, ser # 5879 g on front of trigger guard upper frame- what is rarity and approximate value- all matching but clip- bore is mint condition
thanks, Dr. Bill

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Hi Bill,

Your 1938 Luger was completed in about June of that year. About 114,000 Military Mauser Lugers were produced in 1938.

Now the bad news! Mauser stopped strawing the small parts in the middle of 1937. If the pistol has strawed parts, it has been messed with at some time. That being the case, it would be classed as a "shooter" and not worth as much as a collectable.
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