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Submitted here for your viewing is THEE favorite military luger rig in my collection. Others may disagree but to me this is near the eiptome of military lugers of the Third Reich. Bragging, perhaps so , but see for yourself! As for difficutly in finding a S/42 1938 luger, it is near the top of the chart. One can see the numbers produced but try and find one. In a weaken moment on Pat's part, I procured this from Pat Redmond many,many years ago. After studying this luger for a considerable time [at a gun show] and determining that it was proper and correct and not messed with, I that paid at that time a whopping price for it. Never been sorry and never looked back. His loss was my gain. In today's world , what I am trying to tell the younger collectors is that price should never enter the picture if quality is the end game. Believe me, you will remember the one that got away till the last of your gun show hopping days.

Download Attachment: holster front.JPG
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Download Attachment: holster rear.JPG
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Download Attachment: holster markings.JPG
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Download Attachment: pistol left side.JPG
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Download Attachment: left side close up.JPG
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Download Attachment: toggle top.JPG
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Download Attachment: frame front.JPG
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Download Attachment: pistol right side.JPG
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I believe that this is what one would call a small 63 acceptence stamp that is located as the first proof rather than the later large stamp of a eagle 63 found on 1939 examples. The second or farthest to the left is eagle 83 , as found on the mgazine.
Download Attachment: right side proofs.JPG
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Download Attachment: magazine sides.JPG
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Picture is not clear enough but this is another example of eagle 83 acceptence stamps.
Download Attachment: 1938 mag bottoms.JPG
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While not common, pictured here is an example of a waffenamt acceptence of eagle WaA63 rather than the eagle 63.
Download Attachment: 1938 WaA63 loading tool.JPG
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