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I found a s-42 38 date, luger for slae.
the seller says it is all matching, but has been reblued, he is asking 350 for it. I have a 20s comm. non matching, 9mm with police unit marked strap,if I can get the 38 I will be selling my comm, luger,what would be a fair price for this luger in very good shape, bore is fair with some rifleing. very good shooter.

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I can't help on pricing your police Luger but I am very interested in the grip strap mark. I'm building a database of Weimar police unit marks and would like to add yours. I would appreciate a bit more information: exact unit mark, including periods and anything crossed out (a good photo would be nice); toggle logo, serial number (w/ suffix, if any); chamber date(s), if any; and any other unique features. I can't tell from the photo whether it has a sear safety but see evidence of a mag safety and assume there is/was a sear safety. Correct?

Thanks very much for your help.

P.S. If this is the same gun as pictured in the post by edwood on the LugerForum, the unit mark L.K.146. is for the Landjägerei (rural constabulary) in the Köslin District of the Prussian province of Pommern, weapon no. 146. This pistol probably has a "t" or "u" suffix to its s/n and was produced by BKIW(DWM)in 1929 and used in rearming these police forces. The unit mark was applied after the issuance of marking orders for the Landjägerei by the Prussian Ministry of Interior in 1932.
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