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S&S 38 / 58

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In March 1951 the new Sauer& Sohn Aktiengesellschaft began to work in the city of Eckernförde. This new company had aquired the rights to use the traditional Sauer name.
Late in the 50s this company wanted to recreate the Modell 38 and place it on the marked like the Walther PP /PPk and Mauser HSc.
For the presentation on shot-shows and to check the marked some original Modell 38 were used in the reengeneering of the new pistol called Modell 58.
These Modell 38 pistols are reworked in the S&S factory ( only 10 or a few more )and the new logo was engraved on them.
A new Modell 58 exist only on engineering drawings and the project never became a reality.
Interesting is, that all original stampings are only fairly ground off and no new stampings due to the recent gun law were made.
These very few "show pieces" were never sold officialy.
Perhaps these pistols will never have a great value, but nevertheless they are Sauer-Suhl pistols reworked by Sauer-Eckernförde with a great story, and they are very scarce.
I hope, you like it.


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Perhaps the mark of the reworking worker.
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The meaning of these digits is unknown to me.
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Very interesting! I had never heard or knew anything about this enterprise to bring back this Sauer Modell 38 pistol. Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. By the way, your pictures are excellent and the quality of them is outstanding.
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