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Sauer 38H Grip Question

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I have recently aquired 2 Sauer 38H pistols. One is a pristine 98% Eagle C marked pistol. The other is a thinned blue commercial eagle N "shooter". They are only 454 numbers apart in their serial numbers. The police marked sauer grip has the marking Sports inc. Franzite Chicago. The "shooter"'s grips doesn't have this mark but appears that it was milled off or misstruck. All other marks on the grips are identical. Are these original or aftermarket grips?

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Take a look at the photos that "Pancho" posted to this discussion thread in the recent past. You will see some detailed photos of authentic Sauer 38H grips (inside and outside views) :

Franzite grips were aftermarket grips sold from the 30's thru the 60's. They are interesting if they are original, but remakes abound. Check out the link above to see what original Sauer grips should look like.
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