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Note: This was originally posted in the wrong forum. The question has been revised somewhat as a result of further research.

My 38H came with only one magazine with the finger rest. It has the Sauer logo on the floor plate. Does the second issued magazine have the rolled floor plate, vice the finger extension, in the manner of the PP/PPK series pistols?

Is it typical for original Third Reich era M 38H magazines with the rolled floor plate to not have Waffenamt or manufacturer's marks or both? I saw some notes in Whittington's books that the rolled floor plate magazines did not have markings.

I have been offered one with no marks and a flat floor plate. It appears (in the photos) just like the currently available after-market mags, but with obvious wear. And the asking price is $50.00 US.

Can anyone offer guidance?


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You can find the following floorplates on 38H mags :

1. Some magazine plates from the very early pistols are without
logo and legend, but hand-numbered to the pistol.

2. Polished or unpolished with SuS logo and the Cal. 7.65 legend.

3. Cast zinc floorplate with SuS logo and legend.

4. Cast zinc floorplate only with Cal. 7.65 legend.

5. Stamped sheet metal floorplate. No logo, no legend.

S&S 38H mags are on principle never marked with WaA or other military stampings !

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