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I am still confused as to the identity of my pistol. Please don't think I'm trying to be difficult by resubmitting this information and description of my pistol. After receiving a copy of Sill's Axis Pistols v. 2 and Whittington's German Pistols & Holsters, v. 2</u> I have been unable to find exact photo of my pistol or the holster. This pistol was taken from a German soldier captured by my dad in Spring 1945. He carried the pistol for 50 years as either a conceal weapon or a car gun. Finish is 75-80% because of holster wear. Gun functions perfectly.

Serial 289xxx with three digits on breech block and underside of slide matching last three in serial. High-polish blue finish; manual safety lever; two-line left side logo and righ side marked "Patent"; magazines have a machined base with an intertwined SuS and Cal. 7,65. Stamps on slide, barrel and frame are E/N; no stamps on trigger guard. Except for the lack of E/37 on trigger guard the pistol seems to be a Variation 2(Sill v.2, p. 48)
The holster appears to be like the one in Whittington's book v.2, p. 169 with following exceptions: 1. The holster button is steel; 2. the color is difficult to determine as being dark chocolate brown or black; 3. the "dbr" stamp is visible but no other stamps are visible.

I have photos but could not get them to load. Could someone give me detailed instructions and I will try again. I tried to load by clicking the "insert" button at the bottom of this form. My photos are in ".jpg" I will try to email direct if you request.

Thanks, Terry

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How to post a photo:

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Step 2. A pop up window will appear on your screen.

Step 3. Use the “Browse” button to search your computer for the JPEG image file which you want to post.

Step 4. Note: The file name of the image file must not contain any symbols or spaces. The file name can contain letters and numbers. Remember, no symbols, no spaces.

Step 5. Upon finding and selecting your chosen image file, it will appear in the dialogue box adjacent to the “Browse” button.

Step 6. Use the “Upload file to ....post” button to begin the uploading process. This will take a few seconds.

Step 7. If your file is too big, exceeding the [max 300k], then you will receive a prompt informing you that the file is too big. You should reduce the size, or pixel count, or section your file into two or more files, and try uploading again.

Step 8. If you file has an incorrectly formatted name, then you will receive a prompt informing you of the parameters for a correct name. You should rename the file and try again.

Step 9. If your file is uploaded, then you will receive a prompt telling you that you were “successful”. Close the pop up window, unless you want to post another image file in the same posting. In that case leave the pop up window open, and continue to use the "Browse" button to search for your additional image file.

Step 10. You will see coding appear in your posting. This coding represents your image in your posting.

Step 11. If you want to post another image in the same posting, just repeat this process, and you will have multiple images in the same posting. This is better than creating a new topic for each image that you want to post.

Step 12. Similarly, if you wish to edit the text, or add an image, to a reply you have previously posted, then select the “pencil” icon a the top of your posting and repeat the image posting procedure.

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Pancho, thanks for the detail on uploading photos. I am still unable to get the images uploaded. Probably has something to do with our local server. I will build a website and post a link to it with photos. Terry
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